USA Greenhouses

LAGOinvest manufactures hoop greenhouses for both small and large-scale agricultural operations. Hoop houses provide many benefits throughout the growing season; decreased wind pressure on seedlings, increased humid growing conditions and a higher internal concentrations of carbon dioxide all contribute to better quality growth. Not to mention, protection from insects, birds, and the elements. With our high tunnel structures, growers are able to harvest more produce and extend their growing season, increasing their revenue.


LAGOinvest uses only the highest quality of cold frames and sidewalls. Our buyers are able to configure their growing shelter to best suit the needs of their property and their plants. LAGOinvest manufactures all of the components needed to assemble the high tunnel and address specific ventilation and utilization needs. Also, facilitating the assembly and installation of the hoop greenhouse on your property using our highly experienced team of professionals. With our hoop greenhouses, growers are able exceed their production needs with less space.